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4 Instagram Giveaway Ideas That Will Inspire You To Do the Same

by Marilyn Hunter

Hashtags Will Get You Far

If you are running a business, you definitely have to run promos and contests from time to time, which in turn translates to Instagram social media marketing. Why do you think it is imperative that you do so? Well, that is due to a number of reasons. First, contests or giveaways can actually help increase your follower count because it encourages user engagement. Two, depending on what the people have to do in order to win, you can have them share a photo and use an appropriate hashtag to make them eligible to win. This, again, will improve your brand’s exposure because a lot of people are going to see your venture’s name.

With all of those being said, here are some guidelines if you are looking into creating your own contests or giveaways;

  • It can certainly help if you team up with a much bigger business or an influencer. Their follower base will become a part of your audience as well, which will vastly improve your chances of being seen by a much larger community
  • Encourage user engagement by telling your followers to either react, like, or share your photos (or their own photos). This will all depend on the giveaway mechanics
  • Always use a hashtag for the giveaway. This will help you know if your followers are indeed listening to you and that they follow instructions. This can also help with exposure as well.

To help you get inspired, here are some businesses that have done giveaways the right way:

1. Dominos Pizza

One of the most popular Pizza chains in the world, Dominos Pizza create a giveaway wherein they’ve asked their fans to upload a photo proving that they are indeed loyal fans of the franchise.

It is quite successful due to a number of reasons. One, it was posted on various social channels (including Instagram). Two, the prize was hefty which is $10,000. Three, they use the name of the giveaway as an appropriate hashtag for the event (which is #pieceofthepiecontest).

Their promo garnered more than 25,000 views before the contest ended which goes to show that giveaways are indeed quite successful as using social media to promote business increases user engagement and brand exposure.

2. Foundwildproject

This was a giveaway that was done by a number of companies (thanks to their collaboration). To increase brand exposure, they created a giveaway with expensive eyewear and a drone as the prize.

The mechanics were simple in that they ask their followers to follow two brands that are involved in the said giveaway. As an added instruction, they were also tasked to like the post and tag three friends as well.

They did a couple of things right. First, they’ve included a call to action. Second, the instructions were clear and concise. Third, they’ve given important dates for people to remember such as the start of the giveaway date and the announcement of winners.

3. Sunny Co Clothing

What the company did was they made a giveaway with a red bathing suit as the price. The prize is actually for free and what their followers have to do was just to repost the photo and tag them as well. As an added instruction, their followers just have to pay for the shipping and the item is absolutely for free.

They did this contest for two years in a row and each time they did it, they’ve garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and comments as well.

Because they’ve done so in two consecutive years, people will think that they will do the same giveaway next year. And perhaps, they’ve also shared the news with their friends as well, which in turn, greatly improves the company’s exposure.

4. Hydro Flask

By now, you can probably already tell that doing giveaways can help your brand be known to the general public as it is a form of advertising through social media.

Hydro Flask sells insulated and reusable water bottles that keep either heat or cold within the confines of the container, making your drinks’ temperature last longer.

They did their giveaway contests each and every month with three lucky winners winning their patented water bottle. This has vastly improved their following with more people subscribing to them on a regular basis.