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6 Best Nightclubs in Kuala Lumpur to Get the Party Started

by Marilyn Hunter

Whether your choice of music is that of live bands or if you want an international DJ to
drop the beat, there are certainly a lot of different nightclubs and bars that you can visit
in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Party until you drop with a gorgeous escort girl in the nightclubs that I am going to talk
about in this article.

Fuze Club

The first nightclub on the list provides you with an amazing light show that will depend
on the music that is being played in the background.

The Fuze Club is situated in an excellent spot in the Golden Triangle. You definitely
cannot miss it since it is just placed right behind the famous Pavilion Mall.

This particular club is one of the largest in the city and its abundant space makes it
great for many people to hang out.

The music that is typically played here ranges from techno to EDM, but there are certain
nights of the month where the establishment will do a themed night and the music that
will be played will be based on that theme.


The Elysium is the perfect nightclub for people that just want to enjoy the music while
sampling their amazing assortment of alcoholic drinks.

Most of the time, you will hear some electronic music playing in the background. I
suggest that you go here during the happy hour so that you can get exclusive deals.
For the ladies, go here during ladies’ night as everything is 10% off.


The SIX nightclub is one of the more interesting nightclubs on this list. When you were
looking for amazing nightspots in Kuala Lumpur, you might have come across a picture
with the neon prayer hands on the wall. That is actually part of the backdrop of this
particular night club.

Located in Jalan Telawi in Bangsar, the SIX nightclub is where all of the cool people go.
The tunes here are great and you will be surprised to know the fact that the music that
is being played here is all fresh, meaning, the artist has just finished mixing them to
provide some good listening experience to all the goers.

Coupled with a comfortable space, the SIX is definitely a great place for friends to hang out.


Although this nightclub is much smaller than any other clubs on this list, Under9 still
deserves praise and attention.

The walls are full of graffiti and you can clearly see that there is a lot of thought and
emotion put into this place.

Most of the music played here is alternative music, but occasionally, you can hear some
techno and some psychedelic trance from time to time.

Vibes Club

The newly-opened TREC complex is home to the popular Zouk Club, but that is not the
only party place in the hub that you can find.

The Vibes Club can also be seen there and it is actually quite massive at 3,000 square
feet. They have all of the latest musical equipment that is guaranteed to keep your heart
pumping until the night ends.


If you are a favorite of EDM, you will definitely love Club Wicked. This place is filled with
laser lighting systems that will dance along with the beat. And, since the establishment
also hires International DJs to play occasionally, you are definitely in for a treat.