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Handy Solutions to Help You Find the Right Web Hosting Provider

by Marilyn Hunter

In life, there are some things that are best acquired when they are fresh or new, but
there are also some where they are oldies but goodies. The latter is true when you are
looking for a web hosting provider.
Today, I am giving away some handy solutions to help you, the common folk, to find the
right web hosting provider out there.


As I’ve mentioned in my opening statement, a web hosting company that has been
around for so many years now is a good and reliable one. I mean, the industry has
become quite competitive and the fact that some companies still operate to this day is
just a testament of how well they’ve adjusted with the current times.
Therefore, if you want a reliable hosting solution, you want to go with a company that
has been in the industry for more than 5 years.
Now, how about reseller hosting? For those of you who do not know, you may have
found some companies that are relatively new. Most of them are probably resellers that
‘resell’ web hosting plans from more established companies.
If that is to be the case, you want that company to be partnered with an already-
established hosting firm. That way, you can still rest assured that you are getting your
money’s worth.

Dedicated or Shared?

You might come across terms such as shared and dedicated hosting and you are
probably wondering which one is the right one for you. Well, that will truly depend on
your needs.
For the most part, shared hosting is what is great for almost everyone. Whether you are
running a portfolio website, a blog, or just a personal website, shared hosting plans
should suffice.
However, if you are running an online business and you’ve grown quite considerably
that reliability is always a major concern, then dedicated hosting is definitely the one
that you should look into.
Keep in mind that the only reason why most people go for shared hosting plans is the
fact that dedicated hosting costs quite a lot of money. You could spend upwards of
$10,000 per month just to get that type of service.


For the most part, a hosting company would always conduct regular backups of your
websites and their database in general. However, you would still need to conduct
backups of your own just in case you need them.

Website Domain

Because of how competitive the web hosting industry has become, a lot of companies
offer you the chance of registering your domain to their service. This means that you get
an all-in-one solution to have your website up and running without any problems at all.
Keep in mind that not all hosting companies offer this, so you may have to do a more
thorough search to find one that also provides you with other services that meet your
All in all, choosing the best web hosting solution is contingent upon whether that
particular company can provide you with all of the hosting services that you need.

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