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How to Become a SiteGround Affiliate and Make Money

by Marilyn Hunter

What Is SiteGround Hosting?

It is an independent web hosting organization that was founded in 2004. They position
themselves as a top-notch, “well-crafted” hosting arrangement.

They offer different hosting arrangements extending from Shared Linux hosting, Cloud, and
Dedicated server answers for websites.

Their shared Linux hosting is extremely mainstream among bloggers that use WordPress.

Anyone who uses a self-hosted WordPress blog should invest in some type of hosting answer
for their blog. So, you can’t turn out badly advancing this program.

How to Join the SiteGround Affiliate Program?

Joining the SiteGround referral program is extremely easy. You should simply apply to the web
hosting program by visiting this connection.

Would it be advisable for you to Join?

It really just depends on your blog and your niche. In case you’re in a completely different niche
that has nothing to do with blogging, then you might not have any desire to join this program.

After all, being an affiliate products web hosting marketer won’t make a lot of sense. Especially
on the off chance that you don’t have how to begin a blog entry like this one.


In the event that you have a post that is dedicated to teaching your readers how to begin their
own blog, there’s no reason not to join.

True, you probably won’t make six figures advancing a WordPress hosting affiliate program.
In any case, if your readers are interested in beginning their very own blog to follow your
success, then there’s a decent chance you’ll make some passive income over time.

Generous Commissions

While this isn’t the hosting referral program that pays the highest commissions, the Bluehost
affiliate program pays more, however as I would see it, you’ll feel better advancing SiteGround
Bluehost is a piece of the EIG has, and from everything that I’ve read, they are not the best
service to go with. Of course, everything comes down to what you need to do.

Do you need the highest commissions, or would you like to promote something that has great
service and not the same number of objections?

They do have a 30-day hang on your payments. In the event that you make a sale on June 1,
you won’t get paid until July 1.

You’ll get paid after a 30-day hold regardless of what number of sales you have made. Other
projects require you to reach a threshold of $100 or more before they pay you.

How You Get Paid

You have two choices to get paid:

• Paypal

• Wire

I personally choose to get paid by means of Paypal. You don’t even have to screen your PayPal
account because they’ll send you a notice telling you that you’ve received a commission.

They don’t have a base payout, which means that on the off chance that you make only one
sale, you’ll get after the 30-day hold.

Walkthrough of The Affiliate Dashboard

Since you’ve seen the commissions and realize that it’s possible to make money, it’s time to
show you around the dashboard so you can begin advancing your referral joins.

SiteGround Affiliate Login

You’ll need to sign in to your affiliate dashboard. In case you’re utilizing the service to have your
own blog, you’ll need to make sure that you click on “Change to Affiliate Area” in the upper
right-hand corner.

There are eight tabs at the highest point of your home page, we’ll cover them one by and one
so you have a better understanding of what they are.