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No Sweat? Not always!

by Marilyn Hunter
No Sweat? Not always!

Keeping yourself in the “Thrill Zone”

Have you heard about the Captain of Craps? He is an iconic Atlantic city player that deeply understands the concept of gambling even from the basic slot online Malaysia. Do you want to be like him someday? According to him, every recreational player’s casino gambling idea should be focused on manageable thrills. You should experience the greatest thrills without any unreasonable risks.

It all boils down to a basic formula. The best you will make should be big enough to fuel the urge to win, yet small enough so you wouldn’t regret losing it. It will be your thrill zone—a range of meaningful betting. Every bet shouldn’t be hurtful to your economic or emotional well-being.

No Sweat? Not always!Usually, players would bet a particular amount once they begin the game. But, eventually, increase the bet until they reach the so-called sweat zone. What is the sweat zone? This is where the bet becomes really uncomfortable. Several crap players may hit this sweat zone even after pressing their own bets many times.

A careful, meticulous shooter who is having a really god roll can sometimes begin to contemplate more on the money, than shooting dices in a controlled and relaxed manner. Average casino players are thrill seekers. Losing against luck is definitely a roller coaster ride—your emotions and money will undeniably go up and down.

The roller coaster ride may be exciting and delightful for many, but not if you are very emotional about every casino move.

Betting too much can sometimes be a sickening, overwhelming experience, not only for you, but also for those who are watching from the sidelines.

When you get into the sweat zone, the sweat would literally pour into you. No rational advice can stop you from entering this stage, since everything is rooted in your unconscious mind. Several people don’t have control over this.

Gaming writers are so fond of writing about house edges, bankroll requirements and strategies, yet they fail to discuss a person’s emotional bankroll. Are your hands trembling when you’re pushing out the chips? If this happens to you, then don’t make the bet.

No Sweat? Not always!Always bet within your thrill zone. Learn from your own experience, and from the experience of veteran gamblers, like the Captain.

Do you know that some philosophers argued that man is made up for 3 parts: body, mind and spirit. If you want to enjoy gambling, these three components should be used together harmoniously. Let your mind tell you which bets to make.

Let your spirit enjoy the competition. Eventually, your body will tell you once you have gone overboard.

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