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Poker Games to Try

by Marilyn Hunter

Old and New Poker Games You May Want to Try

Are you thinking of trying new poker games other than the normal at the 918kiss? You’re probably getting tired of playing Texas Hold’em and the same old poker plays!

Below are interesting poker variations you might want to try with your family and friends for some home competitive card competitions. Trust me, these are all exciting plays—both online and inside the casino.

1. Double Flop Texas Hold’em

This card game is exactly what it is—Texas Hold’em poker, but with 2 flops. Each player gets 2 hole cards. However, they may get 2 separate hands,

Each player still gets 2 hole cards, but they get to make two separate hands—1 for every 2 community cards and board sets which are dealt out. Every pot is typically split among 2 of the players. Sometimes, only 1 winning player can scoop up the entire big pot.

2. Omaha

The Omaha poker game is not exactly like Texas Hold’em—there are fun, notable differences. It is also regarded as a community card game, with all the players sharing the cards on the board. However, unlike Texas Hold’em, every player will be dealt 4 hole cards. They should use these 2 cards, and 3 others from the board to be able to get a 5-card poker hand.

You can play this poker game in plenty of casinos, and almost in all websites offering poker games. Do you want some more variations? Explore Omaha High-Low or Omaha Hi.

3. Pineapple Poker

This poker variation is nearly identical to Texas Hold’em. When playing pineapple poker, the player starts with 3 cards. One of these cards will be discarded after the flop, so the player will only hold on to 2 cards towards the hole at the end.

The additional card puts a little more excitement to the poker game, and can make the final winning hand so much bigger. You should also check the Crazy Pineapple Poker version of this game.

4. Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw

Do you know the 5-card draw? It is a nice game in its own right, right? Why not add even more excitement to the game by torturing your friends by teaching them deuce-to-seven triple draw? This is a 5-card draw that is played for the game’s “worst” hand. In here, you will draw 3 times. It may sound a bit complicated at first—mastering the rules is all you need to play it well.

5. Seven Card Stud

This poker variation used to be a common and popular game. You can still find this in plenty of casinos and websites. Once you’ve rediscovered this old-fashioned card game, then you can explore seven card stud hi/lo, too.

6. Razz Poker

Razz poker is another version of the Seven Card Stud, that is only played for low. I’m guessing that this will be either your most hated or most loved card play of all time. This can be a perfect match for you and your friends. In case you are playing in a Horse game, this one is the R. Feel free to explore it online, too.

Don’t hesitate to mix it all up!

Who says you’re only allowed to play one poker game all evening? You can mix it all up, or more poker variations to make your next card game night more exciting.

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