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Spring Cleaning Ideas

by Marilyn Hunter

Spring cleaning can reduce your stress, boost your creativity and improve your mood. It is not just about cleaning—it can benefit a person emotionally. Why don’t you straighten up your website and work table?

Here are some ideas from web app development in Malaysia. Remember, your success can start in a simple cleaning session. It can clear your mind, and help you feel even more productive.

1.Clean your desk and get a plant.

Several piles of paper can increase your stress. It will endlessly remind you of all the work that must be done. Getting a plant may also help your line of sight, and help you with improving your memory and productivity.

2.Remove outdated information from your website.

This is the website equivalent of cleaning your drawers. Readers and customers hate irrelevant, outdated details on web pages, especially on business websites. If you are in the process of updating some of your pages, make sure to include a “coming soon” note, so visitors will know that something new will be published soon.

3.Add new interesting content.

Since you are getting rid of the old, outdated ones, then it’s also time to create something new. Most bloggers and business owners would choose to update the “about” page first, before they even forget about it. Do you have new skills? New projects or new accomplishments? Make sure to add them there. These are added bonuses that can earn you new opportunities, and improve your search engine ranking.

4.Check the appearance of your website on your mobile device.

Look at how your web pages appear and respond through your smartphone or any other smaller device. You might be missing plenty of layout fixes. These are important to make the lives of your mobile visitors so much easier and more convenient.

If you want, you can also check the mobile layout of your website from your desktop computer. Just make sure you are in “view mode.” Click on that small tablet or mobile screen at the top right corner. Switch between mobile, tablet and desktop views.

5.Clean your phone and keyboard.

Do you know that your keyboard, mouse, trackpad and phone are two of the dirtiest things you encounter every single day? You are always touching them, so that means you are cleaning the less often compared to your restroom. Take the time to clean these items for a clean start.

6.Set up your custom email address.

This can be one of the tasks you are continuously delaying. Setting up your own domain successfully is in itself, a great accomplishment. Having a customized email address can benefit your brand and your business—it will definitely make you feel like a professional!

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