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Top 6 SEO Copywriting Tips

by Marilyn Hunter

An SEO copywriting strategy is an art that plays a crucial role in search engine results. Driving website traffic and ranking well requires great content creation and search engine knowledge.

Here are 6 ways to enhance your SEO copywriting strategy. Eventually, you will get the conversion rate and website traffic you are looking for.

1. You need to be thorough and meticulous.

The longer the content, the bigger the chance to attract more readers who inevitably share posts. Why not write longer articles providing substantial information? Lengthy, in-depth posts can give the details your readers are looking for.

This can prove to be very advantageous for you, since there is a chance that those visitors will come back to explore your website further with the website seo services that you provide for them

2.Put the right post titles.

Always publish posts with good titles. This is an opportunity to grab your audience’s attention, and entice them to click the link. Try writing long titles with long-tail keywords. Moreover, you can insert numbers to further catch your readers’ attention.

3. Incorporate photos to your blog posts.

Your blog post’s aesthetic appeal is very important, just like the content itself. Add vibrant images to your articles. Incorporating pictures is also an effective method to break up huge blocks of text!

Just don’t forget to optimize them as well. Optimized images can definitely help you improve your search engine rankings.

4. Make sure that your posts are easily digestible.

Make your blog posts easily skimmable and scannable. Remove massive blocks of boring text since these can be very overwhelming for your readers. Not all visitors read whole articles, so let’s help them choose what materials they want to read. Some would just browse the content for the key takeaways they are interested in. Why not add bullet points, headlines and subheadings?

5. Explore Google Authorship.

Explore Google Authorship, one of Google’s growing social media platforms. Signing up is very easy—it only requires a few information. Are you excited to explore another social network? Never get tired of getting to know new platforms.

This can increase your influence, and help you become a trusted name within your niche. Once your credibility and authority are established, you can finally gain larger website traffic and conversions.

6. Include call-to-action statements and social media buttons on your website pages.

Millions upon millions of people are active on many social media platforms. As a blogger, it’s important to capitalize on this specific trend. Well, then what is the easiest way to do it? Write catchy call-to-action statements and put colorful social media buttons on each of your blog posts. Doing so will allow your audience to share your content on their social profiles conveniently.

So, what do you think of these SEO copywriting tips? Can you incorporate these in your blog without any hassle? Remember that to be able to gain massive website traffic and conversions, you need to implement new strategies, and try new things every now and then.

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